Middle Grade Mavens - The Podcast

Welcome to Middle Grade Mavens, the children's book review podcast. Tune in as Julie Anne Grasso and Pamela Ueckerman chat about middle-grade books - that is, books for primary-aged children or thereabouts... it's a grey area but who's counting?

What we love, why we love it and who we believe it would suit.

Plus every episode there are interviews with key stakeholders in the Australian children's book industry - authors, illustrators, publishers and more.

If you're a lover of middle-grade books, a librarian, a parent seeking book recommendations, or perhaps an author wading your way through the world of middle-grade fiction, then Middle Grade Mavens is the podcast for you.

We would love your feedback!  Please leave us a review on iTunes or send us an email and let us know what you think.


February, 2024

Please note that we have ceased creating new episodes of the podcast. However, we are still happy to review select children's books by Australian publishers (trad only) on Instagram. For further information, please email mavens@middlegradepodcast.com.