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Middle Grade Mavens is a podcast for lovers of children’s books. Each week, we review new-release children’s books and interview someone from the Australian children’s book industry – be they author, illustrator, publisher, editor, agent or librarian.

We aim to promote debut Australian authors, books with a fresh new voice and books happen to love. We select books according to our personal tastes, many of which are supplied directly by publishers.

From time to time, we run special episodes – for example, our Ask the Editor series of publisher and editor interviews targeted aspiring authors and illustrators.


We are two published authors and mothers who realised we were reading a lot of children’s books both to our children and for research and decided it would be fun to review them in the form of a podcast. What started out at the end of 2018 as a fun idea has grown to a podcast known throughout the industry. Respected authors such as Hazel Edwards, Deborah Abela and Louise Park have requested interviews to help promote their work.

Both Pamela and Julie are published authors who know the process of submitting manuscripts to publishers from painful experience. They both regularly attend conferences and cross-promote with other podcasts in the industry.

In November 2019, the Mavens were asked to launch the picture book of another industry podcaster and were also invited to judge the middle-grade category of a pitch-writing competition for Just Write For Kids.


The podcast is aimed at gatekeepers of children’s fiction: parents, librarians, teachers, publishers, authors, illustrators, agents and advocates for children’s literature. We share our opinions on books but also talk about industry trends. We know that a large and regular subset of our audience is comprised of children’s authors so we occasionally focus on them. We do this mostly through targeted interviews with industry experts.

Our listeners include parents, booksellers, teachers, librarians, teacher-librarians, publishers, publicists, agents and editors from major publishing companies, mostly within Australia. We have relationships with publicists from many of these publishing companies, who provide a large portion of the books we review.

Audience stats (as at January 17th 2020):

  • 78% of our audience is in Australia, 10% in the US and the rest in other English-speaking countries
  • 73% of our listeners listen via Apple Podcasts
  • 826 followers on Instagram
  • 518 followers on Twitter
  • 133 followers on Facebook
  • In March 2020, we reached our 10,000th download


We occasionally receive extra copies of books from publishers to use as prizes for giveaways. As such, we run these giveaways on an ad-hoc basis through our social media channels.


The podcast was launched in January 2019. Due to family commitments, we paused publication from during 2023 and the first half of 2024.


The podcast is distributed and hosted on Find individual episodes via our website, or subscribe via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or Pocket Casts.


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As a massive fan of podcasts and middle grade fiction, I’m so pleased to have Middle Grade Mavens podcast firmly slotted into my weekly Spotify playlist. Produced and presented by the affectionately known ‘Mavens’ Julie and Pam, it offers a wonderful range of book reviews plus interviews with authors, publishers, agents and kids. The whole package combining to give this writer a refreshing, engaging and informative insight into the world of middle grade fiction which, for me, is the sweet spot of storytelling for all ages and one that I will be forever in love with.
Emma Bowd, author (via email) 2020

Love these guys! ***** by Misscackle (via iTunes) 2019
What an absolute joy this podcast is

Middle Grade Magic ***** by ElliesEars (via iTunes) 2019
It’s such a joy to have access to this fabulous Aussie Kidlit podcast! Great content. The Mavens know their stuff. Highly recommended.

Looking for a new book for your middle grade reader? This is your podcast.***** by YourEmptyNestCoach (via iTunes) 2020
Julie and Pamela’s love of middle grade books shines through. The books are reviewed in great detail. Word count, content, appropriate age range and more! Definitely listen!