Our Story

The books Pamela and Julie review are books that we have purchased or sourced from our local library or Little Free Library (they are fantastic, those!). We do not profit from affiliate links and our podcast is not monetized. We might have done that if we could, but we’re working mums and… we just don’t have time.

So why did we start the podcast?

It’s simple. We are authors who read a lot of middle-grade books. We are also parents of children who read a lot of middle-grade books.  On top of this, Julie works in childhood literacy and Pamela volunteers as a school librarian: we love fostering literacy and we get a kick out of connecting books with readers.

We also love chatting to Aussie authors about their books, because maybe, just maybe, someone will hear their author journey and be inspired to read their books.

If you know a librarian, teacher, parent or even a bookshop that might want to hear two humble gals chat about our favourite middle-grade books, please recommend us either by leaving a recommendation on our Facebook Page or by leaving a review in iTunes.