Our Story

We are two emerging authors who read a lot of middle-grade books. We are also parents of children who read a lot of books. On top of this, Julie works as an assistant librarian and Pamela volunteered in her kids’ school library until she began homeschooling and became the teacher, librarian and everything else. We are around children’s books, well, a lot.

So when Julie asked Pamela if she was interested in creating a podcast for reviewing those middle-grade books, what else could Pamela say except, “heck yes!”?

And so, Middle-Grade Mavens was born.

We do not profit from affiliate links and our podcast is not monetized. We might have done that if we could, but we’re working mums and… we just don’t have time.  We do accept new-release books from publishers that we want to read and because we want to support local authors but please don’t offer to send us a book unless you are an established Australian publishing house publishing great books for children.

If you know a librarian, teacher, parent or even a bookshop that is looking for book recommendations, please pass on our details, leave a recommendation on our Facebook Page or write us a review on Apple Podcasts.

About Julie

With a background in paediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool. Every day she witnessed courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories to entertain them. A self-confessed science fiction nerd and cupcake enthusiast, Julie is the author of the Frankie Dupont Mysteries, as well as quirky historical middle-grade fiction, zany time wrangling junior fiction adventures and funny picture books with STEM themes. Julie lives in Melbourne and is hoping to perfect her gluten-free apple/cinnamon/peanut butter cupcake recipe to take the world by storm.

About Pamela

Pamela grew up as much in Avonlea and Narnia as in England but she eventually moved to Melbourne and the real world. She worked in software development and taught dance but eventually returned to her childhood fantasy of becoming a writer. In 2018, Pamela published her absolutely-hilarious-not-scary-at-all chapter book for reluctant readers, Zombies Alive! and is published in three short-story anthologies. Pamela also reviews books for the CBCA publication Reading Time and subedits a quarterly magazine.  Her greatest loves are her family, her garden, her smelly old books and her even-smellier old ballet shoes.