Episode 6

In this episode… Julie chats with author-illustrator Judith Rossell about her Stella Montgomery series and the work behind it. About Judith Rossell… Judith Rossell is the multi-award-winning author-illustrator of the bestselling Stella Montgomery series (Withering-by-Sea, Wormwood Mire, Wakestone Hall and A Garden of Lilies: Improving Tales for Young Minds). Before beginning her career in children’s books, … Read moreEpisode 6

Episode 5

In this episode… Julie chats with Allison Rushby about The Mulberry Tree, inspiration and the reality of life as a middle-grade author. About Allison Rushby… Allison Rushby, the daughter of an author, was raised on a wholesome and steady diet of classic English literature. Some of her favourite books, re-read countless dog-eared times include Rumer … Read moreEpisode 5