Episode 27

Listen on: Fiona Hardy is a kids-book writer, crime-book reviewer, and all-books bookseller. From the wide-eyed work experience days at her local bookshop, she has stayed in the industry for nearly twenty years, and now works as one of the managers at Readings. Since a much-praised four-sentence retelling of Alice in Wonderland in grade one … Read moreEpisode 27

Episode 26

Listen on: Deb was born very short and had funny ears, but that didn’t stop her being a very smiley baby. When she grew up, she was still short, a bit clumsy and not very brave, which may explain why she writes books about spies, ghosts, soccer legends and children living in a flooded city, battling … Read moreEpisode 26

Episode 25

Listen on: An avid reader (who read under the bedclothes and in the bath), as a young girl, Hazel Edwards wrote her first novel in grade six, a mystery about adventurous children stuck in a mine. This passion for writing and character development continued and after working as a secondary school teacher, at twenty-seven, Hazel … Read moreEpisode 25

Episode 24

Listen on: Lisa Nicol is a writer and documentary-maker. Working across film, television, radio and print, Lisa’s work has been broadcast on ABC TV, pay TV networks and Radio National. Her documentary about Australian poet Benjamin Frater won a Silver medal at the 2012 New York Festivals International Radio Program and Promotions Awards. Wide Open … Read moreEpisode 24

Episode 23

Listen on: Julie chatted with Allison Rusby all the way back in Episode 5.  She enjoyed it so much, she invited Allison back to discuss writing the second book in a series, cover design and school visits.  Also, Allison has kindly given us a copy of The Seven Keys to give away, check out our … Read moreEpisode 23

Episode 22

Listen on: Pamela reviews Hubert Horatio by Lauren Child   …and Noah & Blue’s Zooniverse: The Speedy Spidersaurus by Nova Weetman and Kennett Julie reviews The Dragon in the Library by Louie Stowell

Episode 21

Listen on: Pip Harry is a writer and editor. Her YA novels include I’ll Tell You Mine (2012), winner of the Australian Family Therapists Children’s Literature Award (2013). Head of the River, longlisted for the Gold Inky award (2015) and shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Literary awards (2016) and Because of You, shortlisted for the CBCA … Read moreEpisode 21

Episode 20

Listen on: NAT AMOORE is a Sydney-based writer who is passionate about encouraging kids to read and write and explore their imagination without boundaries. Her first middle-grade novel ‘Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire’ is coming out with Penguin Random House in June 2019. Nat is also a host of kidlit podcast One More Page, that launched in February 2018. One More … Read moreEpisode 20

Bonus Mini-sode! Kidlitvic 2019

Listen on: Join Julie and Pamela in their pyjamas having a chat at the end of an exciting day at Kidlitvic Meet the Publishers 2019.  We talk about what we learned, what to expect at these conferences and why you should book a ticket.

Episode 19

Listen on: Megan Daley is passionate about children’s literature and sharing it with young and old alike. In daylight hours, Megan is a teacher librarian at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School and was recently awarded the Queensland Teacher Librarian of the Year by the School Library Association of Queensland, as well as the national Dromken … Read moreEpisode 19