Episode 91

In this week’s episode (our last review episode!), we review Elsewhere Girls by authors Emily Gale and Nova Weetman and The Right Way to Rock by Nat Amoore.  PLUS an interview with Emily Gale & Nova Weetman.  This is our final regular review episode but we aren’t going away forever.  Stay tuned for further interviews … Read moreEpisode 91

Episode 89

In this week’s episode, we review Pawcasso by Remy Lai and The Ballad of Melodie Rose by Kate Gordon PLUS Pamela chats with Remy Lai.

Episode 86

Pamela goes deep with two of Australia’s most successful and beloved authors: Emily Rodda and Jackie French. Jackie talks about her latest middle-grade novel, The Vanishing at the Very Small Castle, the Depression, food in literature, history writing and, of course, wombats. Emily talks about Eliza Vanda’s Button Box, fantasy, fairytale, writing emotion and how … Read moreEpisode 86

Episode 84

Pamela chats to Catherine Doyle about myth, the value of grandparents, magical candles, the beauty of the Irish coast and more. And Julie chats with Belinda Murrell about fantasy, research and the Italian Renaissance.