Episode 113

In This Episode…

Middle Grade Mavens returns to the airways after 1.5 years on hiatus… Pamela and Julie discuss Pamela’s picture book debut, Ayla’s Christmas Wish, as well as Julie’s upcoming picture book debut, Hooray, Hooray, It’s Library Day, with Scholastic, published on July 1st and Illustrated by Heath McKenzie.

Julie has also been delving into “Choose Your Own Adventure,” stories after inspiration from Helen from Forrest Hill College, which are now available for free download on julieannegrassobooks.com

They also discuss some great new middle grade in Kate and Jol Temple’s Frog Squad, as well as Nat Amoore’s Showerland, series and Dani Vee’s upcoming Riley’s Failproof Guide to Breaking a School Record published by Larrikin House with Jules Faber Illustrating. Welcome back, and we hope you join us for 2024!